On the way to the Hospital Wing


His conversation with Karofsky had ended much too soon for his liking, and he realised with a frustrated groan just how stupid that sounded. Curse my curiousness.

The problem was just that he was so used to Karofsky not caring about anyone, bullying anyone that was different and didn’t follow after him like a faithful puppy, that seeing his eyes crinkle with something akin to jealously was strange.

On his way to the Hospital Wing, however, he spotted Rachel, immediately ridding him of his frustration. She seemed upset, dark circles having formed under her eyes. Kurt hurried over to her, calling out her name.

Rachel had been up several nights worrying about the Tournament, worrying about Quinn, worrying about whatever sinister forces were behind all of this. She was returning to her dorm when she heard Kurt calling her, and she almost hurried away, pretending not to have noticed him. She thought better of this idea and turned around abruptly, brushing her hair out of her eyes and trying to make herself look like she’d actually gotten some sleep.

"Kurt!" Rachel chirped, forcing her usual cheerfulness into her voice. "You startled me! What are you doing up so late?"

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@Rachel; Arithmancy.


Picking at the gouges in the old wooden table Nick shrugged slightly “You’re welcome.” The words were simple and the teen had plenty he had to add onto the, but he bit his tongue and tried to take his mind off of what was brewing in his head, taking this moment to glance across the classroom and inspect the other students hurriedly writing down in rushed scrawls.

“I-I’m not going to judge you, you know…” Turning back to Rachel he placed his hands delicately into his lap, chewing on his lips as he chose his words carefully, scanning her face. “If there was anything between you and… her” A faint frown came to his features and he lent in a little, his voice becoming a mere whisper to the chaos echoing from their classmates “I’m in an inter-house gay relationship with a deatheater. I can’t judge you.” Nick instantly bit his tongue, eyes widening at he couldn’t help but stare outright, tumbling over thoughts and words that made his head spin “You.. you can’t tell anyone me and Jeff are back together…” Taking this moment to cast another wide glance around the room he ran his fingers through his hair agitatedly, the fluttering in his stomach a mixture of the ball of nerves and tension he was becoming— he and Jeff had never really spoke about if they would hide their relationship again, obviously from the ministry as much as they could… but not the D.A.

Trying to swallow the rising lump in his throat the Ravenclaw strode on, wringing the bottom of his sleeve and feeling a lot less confident as to when he had started to chase the train of thought “Just… watching out for Quinn… okay? She’s not… all she seems.”

"Well." Rachel frowned and drummed her fingers on the desk, taking a moment to calm the storm of emotions spinning through her head. "Quinn and I…we’re not in a relationship." She swallowed past the lump in her throat as all the confusion from the last few days came rushing back to her. A week ago, she wouldn’t have minded declaring to Nick that there was something there, but she wasn’t entirely sure whether that something was going anywhere - whether it even really existed. “She did kiss me,” she said in a low voice, shrugging in an attempt to appear nonchalant. “I…I don’t know where we stand right now.”

It was Nick’s last few words that were a cause of alarm for Rachel; was he referring to whatever had happened - if anything - between Quinn and Jeff? Something else entirely? “What do you mean, not all she seems?” She didn’t even know if she wanted to know what Nick meant, for fear of something else coming between her relationship with Quinn.

@Rachel; Arithmancy.


He’d be lieing his he said her miniature freak out hadn’t, in turn, sent familiar shocks of fear into his frame, but Nick quickly tried to cover it up by awkwardly perching on the chair next to her. “Thanks.” He muttered quietly, already feeling a thickset tension settling upon them, though whether it was from past events or the fact the Ravenclaw had seen her quite obviously look for an escape he couldn’t be sure.

“I erm, I’ve already done sevens properties last week while um…” He gave his wrist a quick shake as if that would portray ‘hiding away from the world in my dorm’ well enough. Pulling out the parchment he spread it out in front of him and turned back to the shorter girl “Y-you can just copy my notes… if you want.” This was going to be a long, tiring lesson of carefully skirting around topics neither wanted the other to mention but both secretly wanting to make noises about, he could already tell. Nick had never had a problem with Rachel, he was in fact sure they had worked together in previous lessons, and it wasn’t any of her doing that made the Ravenclaw feeling uncomfortable in her presence, but those she closely affiliated with. The words were out his mouth before he’d even realized it “You and Quinn are getting close.” He hoped she’d take it as idle conversation and not sense the underlying venom in his voice.

"I -" Rachel started, cutting herself off as she gathered her thoughts. The statement seemed oddly out-of-place and she couldn’t help but wonder whether Nick knew anything about Quinn and Jeff. She cleared her throat and continued. "Yes, we have been spending a…disproportionate amount of time together, and while I suppose there are infinite ways in which that could be construed, I assure you that the matter is nothing to be concerned about." She realized that she had reverted back to the rapid form of speech that she tended to use when she was under stress, and she glanced nervously at Nick, wondering whether he had noticed the defensive edge in her words. 

Clearing her throat once again, Rachel gave the Ravenclaw a weak smile and reached for the sheaf of parchment on the desk in front of them. “I’ll just check to see whether I’ve missed anything, and I’ll copy everything I don’t already have down. Thanks.” 

@Rachel; Arithmancy.


It had been a full seven days since Nick had felt the burning lick of flames spreading up his robes, the callous wind rushing past him as he was all but engulfed by fiendfyre and the sickening snap of broken bones. Grimacing at the memory the Ravenclaw kept close to the blonde escorting him to his lesson, his first in weeks. It had taken hours for Jeff to convince him to attend the numbers class and he was damn well sure he would be in attendance, and arrive unscathed. It had taken another five minutes to get the smaller boy to detach himself and enter the classroom, skittish and clutching his books so close to his chest he was sure he could almost feel his long since healed ribs throbbing once more.

The cuts were nearly healed now, faint fading bruises, red marks and tiny scars littering his face and arms, the brace to support his once shattered wrist now a thick set of bandages to keep the final pieces of bone in place, but it was the limp that was still most prominent as he took a seat near the back, hoping to avoid interaction. It had since come to light that it wasn’t a single bite mark causing so much grief, but the unruly decision to throw the nasty creature back with a spell meant it left with more than a taste of him, and took a sizeable chunk instead as it toppled back. Covering his mouth to stop the gagging sensation rising up on him again Nick tried to avoid the gazes of his class mates and take delicate notes in silence, or tried to, until partners were coming together with huge grins at the proposition of team work.

Perfect. The brunette groaned inwardly and shrunk back in his seat, cursing Jeff for making him come to this specific lesson. Carefully picking up his books and bag he scanned the class to see only one other without a partner. Shakily making his way over to the Gryffindor he gingerly tapped her on the shoulder, consciously making the effort to try and stamp down the dread building up in his stomach and trying to make his voice as confident as he could, for the last time he had even been in the vicinity of the girl in front of him had been the last D.A meeting, and that hadn’t exactly been a friendly atmosphere for either of them to be surrounded in. “R-Rachel… do you want to work together?”

Rachel had been on edge ever since her encounter with Quinn; it would be imprudent to disregard Jeff’s remark completely, but she trusted Quinn nevertheless. Her uneasiness has been showing itself through her schoolwork, and this particular Arithmancy lesson wasn’t showing signs of being any different. It took her a moment to notice that Nick was was even talking to her. She jumped, startled, and turned around abruptly to look up at the boy standing before her.

"Nick. You startled me," Rachel muttered. She glanced around to check whether there was anyone else lacking a partner, as she wasn’t sure whether Nick knew about Quinn’s situation with Jeff, and she didn’t want to have to work through any tension. She was out of luck, though; everyone else was already paired up. "I wouldn’t mind working together. Take a seat," she said, returning her gaze to Nick.

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Courtyard of Confrontations. (@Rachel)


“Oh yes,” a dark laugh escaped Quinn’s throat. “Yes, something that serious alright. Did you ever wonder where all His followers went after Harry Potter destroyed Him? To find a way to reverse that.” She noticed Rachel’s eyes widen. “Now, of course, Time Turners were too risky, to retrieve a Horcrux and bring it back to the present would be suicidal… but… there’s more than one of everything, Rachel.”

Rachel’s mouth dropped open. “Oh my goodness,” she said, mulling over what Quinn had said in her mind. She started her pacing again, wringing her hands anxiously. “So…what you’re saying is…that there might be a chance of him returning? Again?” She hoped that she had merely misinterpreted Quinn’s revelation, but knew there was a slim chance of that.

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